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First night in Beijing - Raving lunatic with heart of gold
First night in Beijing
People speak English in the hotel, but not ANYWHERE else. I have maybe met 1 or 2 people total outside of the hotel who speak english. This made for a very entertaining dinner last night. I picked out a spot that looked decent, and struggled just to get a table due to the language barrier. Once seated, I looked over the menu which had some parts in English and tried to order. It was basically conveyed that I needed to order three things minimum as I was apparently at some stir fry place (i want to go back with you) as it looked really good. I couldn't get her to tell me what on the menu was small so i just ordered some congee. She looked insanely confused but wrote it down anyway. When she came back, I asked for a beer so she brought me a menu. There was Bud, Bud Light, and then a couple chinese options. I picked one of the chinese options at random and she smiled and nodded. What came back was one of those flask size bottles of Chinese Vodka and a shot glass. I decided to just roll with it because communication was next to nothing as it was and explaining this was going to be tough (they REALLY suck at charades). So now I have a bottle of Chinese Vodka here in the hotel for us to sip on. It's harsh as fuck, but is a hilarious memory. Everyone in the restaurant was sneaking lances, gossiping, and giggling. Not that I blame them, of course, I did have a bottle of straight vodka and a bowl of soup in front of me. :)
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alicetiara From: alicetiara Date: February 22nd, 2010 04:50 am (UTC) (Link)
HA! Harry and I both enjoyed this anecdote very much.
glitterus From: glitterus Date: February 23rd, 2010 11:50 pm (UTC) (Link)
You are truly a man after my own heart.
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