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People speak English in the hotel, but not ANYWHERE else. I have maybe met 1 or 2 people total outside of the hotel who speak english. This made for a very entertaining dinner last night. I picked out a spot that looked decent, and struggled just to get a table due to the language barrier. Once seated, I looked over the menu which had some parts in English and tried to order. It was basically conveyed that I needed to order three things minimum as I was apparently at some stir fry place (i want to go back with you) as it looked really good. I couldn't get her to tell me what on the menu was small so i just ordered some congee. She looked insanely confused but wrote it down anyway. When she came back, I asked for a beer so she brought me a menu. There was Bud, Bud Light, and then a couple chinese options. I picked one of the chinese options at random and she smiled and nodded. What came back was one of those flask size bottles of Chinese Vodka and a shot glass. I decided to just roll with it because communication was next to nothing as it was and explaining this was going to be tough (they REALLY suck at charades). So now I have a bottle of Chinese Vodka here in the hotel for us to sip on. It's harsh as fuck, but is a hilarious memory. Everyone in the restaurant was sneaking lances, gossiping, and giggling. Not that I blame them, of course, I did have a bottle of straight vodka and a bowl of soup in front of me. :)
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Sean: anywhere in the udist you've been wanting to hit?
Katie: my mom's place.
Katie: she's open all the time and fairly cheap
Katie: though the lines get crazy sometimes
Sean: i heard we should bring extra napkins because it can get pretty sloppy
Katie: that's not a bad idea
Katie: I should yelp that
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I have to say, life is going quite well these days. Lots of good stuff has been happening, lots of good stuff is just starting to happen, and I'm optimistic about things that have not yet happened. There are some amazing people (both old and new) who have been heavily contributing towards that. Thanks to all involved with that, you know who you are.

Plzkthx was an amazing success. I don't even want to try and guess how many people were here, but it was definitely a new record. All 90 pounds of turkey were consumed and there weren't really leftovers of anything else. Lots of photos here.

So between work travel, Burning Man, shake lasta, horrace phair, Seacompression, thanksgiving, bloc weekend, and so much more, I've been keeping quite busy. So much so that I'm pretty certain my subconscious was telling me to slow down a bit by giving me this dream the other night. I was coming back from a work trip and found myself on a house boat (a la Shake Lasta) with a bunch of Moonrockers (a la everything else). I knew that we were there for some weekend long event -- and had even arrived early along with Sarah, Carrie, Nafun, Jack, and Chunter to setup and (over)build any needed infrastructure. What I couldn't wrap my head around though was WHAT EVENT WAS THIS? Why were there moonrockers on house boats? Did they all come to Shake Lasta? But how can that be, Shake Lasta isn't for another 10 months. Was this some other burning man regional event? No, it's far too small for that. So there I was in this dream stuck preparing and setting up for an event that I couldn't quite figure out what it was. The sad thing? I woke up both before I found out what it was and before the event actually kicked off. What gives?

Lastly, my daughter (who turns FOUR on Saturday) is killing me with cuteness:


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Hey everyone, just a reminder that THIS WEEKEND is Plzkthxgvng mkIII! If you weren't planning on heading up for this, well then you should really reconsider. This is going to be a truly epic event. I mean, I picked up 90lbs of fucking turkey yesterday and that just isn't going to eat itself. It's a potluck, and they'll be lots of hippies there so if you're a veggie you'll be well taken care of. I'm even picking up one of those blasphemous tofurkys.

If you’re from out of town, no sweat! We have people coming in from all over the states for this and have tons of couch, futon, air mattress, and floor space that is being offered up for out of town guests. Just shoot me an email if you’d like me to set you up with accommodations.

The full details are below. This is going to kick ass, people!

Facebook invite:

Non-facebook invite:
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It's a common misconception in today's society that Thanksgiving Day is your annual opportunity to completely stuff yourself with food. In reality, Thanksgiving Day is actually no more then just the warm up lap to the true feast that takes place on the following Saturday. This feast is on a whole different scale then Thursday -- one that requires use of the word POTLUCK. While the house will of course provide copious amounts of food, snacks, booze, and any other consumables you might desire, the festivities would not be able to reach their full potential without proper culinary reinforcements.

For the third year in a row, we are proud to host such an event. This year, however, over two nights and three days, we’ll be guiding you along in an unprecedented journey of gastronomical exploration, copious libations, and recreational self-destruction. This will not be an event you will soon forget.

Friday, November 28 - The Onset

Head home after work, adorn yourself in your nicest (or tackiest!) autumn sweater, and get yourself ready for one hell of a weekend by joining us at Tobu for friendly cocktails and delicious people. We'll have a laid-back environment, fine downtempo tunes, and plenty of comfy places to chill and meet the folks you might not know. Bringing a bottle of your favorite booze to contribute to the festivities is always appreciated.

Autumn Sweater Cocktail Social and Welcome Reception
8PM @ Tobu - 527 28th Ave

Saturday, November 29 - The Peak

Please bring yourself, a friend, a date, a kid, or any intelligent being with the ability to ingest to help us power through this mountain of edible tastiness. As it's a potluck, any dish, side, appetizer, or dessert is appreciated as well (but not required for party attendance).

The party will get going around 6 with the birds popping out around 7, but hot food will likely continue to manifest for another hour or two thereafter. Besides the traditional turkeys (three of them, y'all! deep fried, bacon wrapped, and vital wheat gluten!) the house will also be providing greens, mashed potatoes, meat gravy, killer vegan rosemary gravy, and likely a couple of other sides. Bring food, booze, psychedelics, strippers, and anything else you think people will love. That's why it's called Pot Luck, bitches! We’ll have rock band downstairs, electro in the living room, and the front porch will almost certainly see a cop or two before the night is over.

Sean and Jack will be cooking and otherwise holding down the Snack Palace from 11 am until the main event begins at six o'clock. Feel free to come by and keep us company, taunt us with witty commentary, and help keep us “hydrated”! We'll have a secondary kitchen set up outside with a grill, some water, and a few camp stoves for anybody who wants to cook on the spot, in case the primary kitchen exceeds capacity.

For out of town visitors, we're planning on guided excursions to a couple of the big Seattle attractions. A visit to our world-class library downtown departs from Snackpalace at roughly 11 am. After regrouping and catching lunch, at 2:30 another expedition will depart for the awesome Seattle Art Museum.

plzkthxgvng mark III
6PM @ Snackpalace – 1528 18th Ave
RSVP Here: http://crush3r.com/page/wxyarvckrr

Sunday, November 30 – The Comedown

Bring your sweet hangover to zHouse for brunch and whatever leftovers can be salvaged from the plzkthx carnage. The forecast is showing a decent chance of bloody maries and mimosas, and indicates a very high probability of cuddling on futons and watching a stupid movie or two.

Leftovers Brunch and Lazy Movie Afternoon
12PM @ Zhouse – 988 21st Ave

For more info:
Email: plzkthx@moonrock.me
Web: http://moonrock.me/plzkthx
Phone: Sean @ 206-850-2871

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Hey, do you like wings? You know... this stuff?

Perhaps even more so when they are made out of this stuff?

Then come on over next Thursday the 11th for copious quantities of Snackpalace brand wings, things, and crudities. Coming heavily armed with beverages and a substantial appetite is strongly encouraged. Vegetarians welcomed and accommodated.

7PM @ The Snackpalace

Obligatory wing-related burning man photo here:

And if the wings aren't enough to get you over here, then come and visit the lovely ms fierceflawless!!!

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So for the last couple of years, I've done a little thing called "Project Meat" at Burning Man where I try to eat better for the week at Burning Man then I do the whole rest of the year. This is pulled off with massive amounts of preparation (totaling 14 hours in the last two days so far), a ton of coolers, and bringing a full size BBQ out to the playa with me. This year, I had 18 people sign up for the project so I've been a bit busy preparing for that kind of scale.

Here's some standard issue food porn for you but all the pics can be found here:

Marinade for the tandoori chicken

Borboun & Ginger Soy Marinated Tri Tip
Blackened Catfish
Kick ass carolina style BBQ sauce
Buffalo Wings for days! (of course)

Also on the menu:

Handmade hamburgers with Fries
Variety of tasty sausages with Jasmine Rice
Pizza!! (to go with the wings)
Loaded Baked Potatoes
Baby Back Ribs marinated in aforementioned kick ass Carolina style BBQ sauce
Corn on the cob with hot peppers and sliced garlic
Cajun Prawns with pasta and garlic bread
New York & Ribeye steaks with Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Creme Fraiche

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Burning Man preparations are going extremely well. We’ve been ramping up like a motherfucker over here and I'm pretty sure we "accidentally" took it to a whole new level this year. Hehe. Check out the compiled list:

Black Rock City Community Center - 40 person camp with keyhole placement (9:00 & C) - http://www.burningman.com/themecamps/08_camp_vill_b.html
NOPLUA - On-playa registered art project - http://www.burningman.com/installations/08_art_theme.html#NOPLUA
The Dark Side -- 26’ Refrigerated Art-truck decorated like a the Lunar Lander but is actually a bar that will offer hot cocktails inside a 40 degree truck in the middle of the playa from noon to 5 daily

Multiple in-camp art projects:
 Dinosaur - http://www.flickr.com/photos/xaotica/2709850866/
 Condo Ads to compliment aforementioned art project
 The Moonrock – (of course)
 Flag Garden – BM camp flags from the days of Yore.

Registered Merit Badge Workshops:
 Malt Liquor Tasting - http://playacal.burningman.com/view_entry.php?id=7622
 AA Meeting (Alcohol is Awesome) / Beer Shotgunning- http://playacal.burningman.com/view_entry.php?id=7639
 Ravers Anonymous - http://playacal.burningman.com/view_entry.php?id=7819 and http://playacal.burningman.com/view_entry.php?id=7820
 Couples Showering - http://playacal.burningman.com/view_entry.php?id=7863
 Bingo - http://playacal.burningman.com/view_entry.php?id=7809 and http://playacal.burningman.com/view_entry.php?id=7810
 Tent Folding Clinic - http://playacal.burningman.com/view_entry.php?id=7811
 Knot Tying - http://playacal.burningman.com/view_entry.php?id=7812

We’ll also be having a Moonrock Parade, but I failed to register that in time.
There will be 36lbs of bacon on site.
Gourmet dinners are planned for each night.
550 gallons of communal water are being brought down in food-grade barrels.
Keep an eye out for other miscellaneous planned but secret shenanigans.

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Hey there internet land, I'm headed for the black rock desert this weekend for 4th of Juplaya and am in desperate need of a GPS. Would any of you out there be willing to lend me your GPS for the weekend in exchange for a kick ass home cooked meal of your choice? Also included with the dinner will be a photo op with said food! Just think, you could be a permanent part of the food porn that is frequently posted on this journal!! Just imagine the career possibilities that could open up for you. So don't hesitate, act fast and secure your spot at the dinner table!!

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